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UX Design Internship

Over the summer, I worked with different clients at Ammunition to help design and validate user experience for physical and digital products. The UX team helps define market positioning, target users, product requirements and brand strategy. Polaroid, Ember, Clarisonic, iBeats and CafeX are some of the clients I worked with.


This case study is more about my design process. I'm happy to talk more about the deliverables at [email protected] ?


Worked with L'Oreal to explore new product designs. I helped the UX team conduct user evaluation with 15 participants. The goals were  -

  • To observe usability or ergonomic issues 
  • Get qualitative feedback about the character of the new designs
  • Help the client decide which design to go forward with

Analysing the data from our user evaluation


Ammunition designed a travel mug for Ember which helps maintain coffee at the right temperature. The travel mug also has an iOS app. With the recent release of iOS 10 beta, I designed new force touch and home screen widgets for Ember.

Sketching out ideas to explore content organization.

Visual explorations of the widgets once we had consolidated the data to be displayed.


To showcase heating and cooling states on the display of the travel mug, I prototyped ideas using the arduino and neo-matrix.

Heating - version 1

Heating - version 2

Heating - version 3

Cooling - version 1

Cooling - version 2

Experience prototyping - built a remote to change the states of the light on the table mug during our usability study.


Towards the end of my internship, I performed an experience evaluation of the Polaroid Snap touch and documented usability and design issues. 

I can talk more about my findings in person ?